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Every business has goals or targets they want to achieve.

You can’t do it all on your own. Any ambitious organisation wants to find the very best people for every role, whether permanent or contract. A-players help you grow, hit your sales numbers, and keep your shareholders happy.

That’s why getting the recruitment piece right is so critical to your business success.

But for you, recruitment is only one among dozens of priorities. And you don’t have a trusted recruitment partner to take the process off your hands.

So you turn to us.

We’re ORUS Resources, and we make it fast, simple and stress-free to find the absolute best electronic fire and security talent, helping you achieve your strategic goals.

Find out more on how ORUS Resources can help you fulfil roles with the best candidates in the Fire and Security industry.

What Makes Us Different?

We are 100% dedicated to the electronic fire and security industry, so we totally understand the challenges you’re facing and the talent you need. We’re passionate about our niche and committed to helping our partners achieve their goals however we can, even if it doesn’t directly benefit our bottom line.

Constant Skill development

We constantly endeavour to meet the skill requirement of the industry. 

We have in-house teem to assess and advise the candidate. We can arrange training on demand.

We help candidates on CV writing and interview success.

Vocational Training

We are proud to attract young talent. We nurture them and help them turn into a great asset.

Hassle free Service

Feel free to call us or email us. 

We are committed to meet your requirements. 

We will exceed your expectation.

Our recruits have gone places with our support. We have established long term relationship with our clients.

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